Belmont Park – 05/13/2018

SUNDAY – 05/13/2018

First off, happy Mother’s Day to all of you.  Make sure you at least call your Mom if you don’t see her today!

We were cold early yesterday, but heated up on the latter part of the card with 4 Exactas in the last 6 races.  Today looks wet again, but as of posting we are still on the turf for the two races later in the card.

  1. 3-6-1
  2. 7-3-6
  3. 4-3-5
  4. 1-5-3
  5. 5-1-3
  6. 2-4-6
  7. 6-2-9
  8. 8-9-7
  9. 1-9-8
  10. 7-9-2

Races is green are scheduled for the turf (subject to change).

As always, be sure to follow me on Twitter for possible tickets once we see how the track is playing.

Good luck!

If I help you win at the track, please consider a small donation as a token of appreciation for the work I put in handicapping the cards and providing my selections.