Keeneland – 04/07/2018 Blue Grass Day!

SATURDAY – 04/07/2018  Blue Grass Stakes Day!

Well there is snow on the ground in Lexington this morning, but as of this posting we are on a yielding turf and a muddy track.  They knew this was coming and they worked the track in preparation for these conditions so I don’t expect it to be that messy throughout the day today.  There were minimal scratches today so big cards and a lot of stake races will make it a great day to bet my favorite track.  We kicked off yesterday with a stone cold Pick 4 to close the card yesterday which paid $62 on a straight 50 cent bet of our top selection in the last four races on yesterday’s card.  Without further ado, here are today’s selections…

  1. 2-4-1
  2. 5-2-1
  3. 11-4-2
  4. 1-3-10
  5. 4-7-6
  6. 6-5-3
  7. 13-5-9
  8. 3-12-2
  9. 1-2-3
  10. 11-2-4
  11. 2-6-4

Races in GREEN are scheduled for the turf (subject to change)

As always, be sure to follow me on Twitter for possible tickets once we see how the track is playing.

Good luck!

If I help you win at the track, please consider a small donation as a thank you for the work I put in handicapping the card and providing my selections.